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Easter Open at the AMC 1st April 2018

Thank you all for coming a great success on this day, all be it we were asked to finish by 8pm.

The day was kicked off with the men's and ladies pairs. 27 Entries for the men's 6 entries for the  ladies.

In the ladies semis Becky and Claire King were beaten 3-0 by Jane Monaghan and Dawn Simmonds, Haley and Whitney Gatford were beaten by Denise Peake and Jules Saldanha 3-1. This left a very well fought match in the Final between Jane Monaghan and Dawn Simmonds against Jules Saldanha and Denise Peake. The match concluded with Jane and Dawn being ultimate winners 5-3.

The Men's pairs got off to a strong start with 27 entries, semis being Ken Sowerby and Chris Levett bit off a little more than they could chew losing 3-0 to  Rob Collins and Joe Davis, Tavis Dudeney and Lennon Craddock played a well fought game winning against  Kevin Fishwick and Steve Mecrow 3-2. Then the final between Rob and Joe played a close match to finally win against Tavis and Lennon 3-2.

Next up was the youth singles with 13 entries, and in their usual fast paced and quality games saw Jack Seymour playing Joe Davis in the semis, yet again Joe shows his form and wins 3-0, next semi found Reece Paulins facing Billy Bristow, yet another match could of gone either way but Saw Billy Bristow though with a 3-1 win. The Final saw Billy Bristow face Joe Davis and some good legs, but Joe was not letting up and took the win 4-1.

Ladies singles saw a modest 14 entries. All games were closely fought by these determined ladies, with the first of the semi finals Jane Monaghan winning a very close match to beat Haley Gatford 3-2, the other semi Lisa Withers and Claire King battled it out With Lisa winning 3-1. The Final between Jane Monaghan and Lisa Withers saw some high and consistent scoring by both players but alas there can only be one winner and that was Jane Monaghan winning 4-3.

Last but not least the men with a splendid 54 entries. I thank you all for your patience between rounds. There was a good standard of play even though men increasingly decided to be merrier. The first semi saw Jim Withers face off Simon wood but the score did not  justify the match itself it was well fought seeing Jim Withers though 4-1, the other semi Saw Wayne Vemes and Rob Collins battling it out all the way finally seeing Wayne Vemes through to the final wining 4-3. The Ultiamate winner was Jim Withers breezing through to a 5-1 victory.

Finally the evening was seen off with blind pairs(inebriated) with Dan and Stoner playing Lewis and Tavis in the finals, The sober youngsters winning 2-0, great ending to a great day.

Thanks to Andrew Connor for the venue and a donation into the prize pot, and staff for putting up with us.

Thank you all for making the day a great success.

Draw Sheets
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