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Week 2

Week 4 Although a good night we saw a slight lull in numbers of which i hope to see more people on final night week 5. We finished on our earliest time so far, which could of been earlier had we had prompt chalking, so please chalk after game. The games i saw were impressive to say the least with a record number of 180's on Wednesday 28 to be exact bringing total to 88. Congratulations to Tony Ayres for getting the elusive 170 finish. No bull shoot was won so this will be called until we have a winner on week 5. By putting final up on dfw i am able to give averages, after a well fought final Craig Stoner won 4-2 against Graham Harris. Craig's ave 26.27 and Graham's 23.35. The losers plate was a fast match with Cliff Prior winning 2-0 against Connor Levett, the averages were Cliff 32.32 and Connor 23.50.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday up at Clubcue for final night, May your arrows fly true.


Week 3 This week we had 42 entries 3 of which were new faces. An impressive 30 180's were reported in on this night making a grand total of 60 180's over 3 weeks. Yet another week of hard fought rounds taking Tony Ayres and Jason Yates to an epic battle in the final with Tony Ayres finally triumphing 4-3 over Jason Yates, great final to watch, thanks to all who chalked an called. County mini bus thanks for you list each week ensuring you longer drinking/dart board time. Sadly no Bull was won so this ensures £68 rolling forward to this wednesday 25th to be played at the AMC. 

Yet again i thank you all and venue for a great success on wednesday.

Can i remind you prompt chalking means earlier finishing. If not wanting to chalk please find someone before your game commences. The darts and drinking are unparalleled so bring on week 4. 


Week 2 well what a night with 41 entries which gave to some very interesting games. Although we started 30 mins late due to the repositioning of the boards, must thank you all for your patience. Was a superb night all round with Dave Harding winning the Bull Shoot and scooping £166, congratulations. We then went on to the semis with Nathan Warren sadly losing to Lewis Gurney 4-2, Rod Hawkings losing to Joe Davis 40. The Final saw 2 youth rival facing off, but sadly Lewis came 2nd 4-2 after a well fought game, Joe Davis still on form taking the win 2 weeks in a row, well played to you all. Thank you to everyone who was at the County Oak making the evening a great success, especially the bar staff for letting us drink to the wee hours. 

Next week, week 3 sees us at the AMC, let our numbers grow, we have the boards, if 40+ the payout goes to 1/4 finalists aswell, in other words greater numbers = bigger prize pot. So get get both arms exercised one for darts the other on the drinks.

Bull shoot starts again on week 3.

Week 1 at Littlehampton saw us of to a flying start with 34 entries.  A special thank you to those who made the longer journeys, the night was made a success by all your efforts with some high end games and prompt chalking. The final was a fought battle between Tony Ayres and Joe Davis with Joe finally triumphing with a 4-3 win over Tony. The first round losers was a quick fire battles with Dave Flemming winning over Ian Cook 2-1.

A thank you goes to the staff of Wick Football Club for keeping bar open for a bit longer than usual thank you ladies.

Next Week, Week 2 sees us at County Oak, so bring your darts and have a blast.

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