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12th November 2023

On behalf of The Richard Cobden Team, we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that made it to The Colin Mills Memorial Challenge Cup,

Without your support and generosity, the day would not have gone with a bang,

The day was a great success with you his friends, lots of darts / drinks and food, that is what Colin would have wanted,

We hope you had as much fun playing and taking part as we did it,

Well done to The Boys who managed to win the final against The Whippet P*** Heads,

We would like to thank all the pubs that donated to the raffle, but a bigger thank you to the TMG for allowing us to use their venue and their donations to the raffle too,

Once again, a massive thank you to one and all,

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Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor
Nov 15, 2023

Such an honour to be part of it and show the collective love for Colin. Long may his legacy live in this competition. Well done to everyone!

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