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All teams to register with the league at a time and place to be decided by the committee with a fee decided at the AGM .

All teams must register their players with the league before the start of the season with a fee for each player decided at the AGM .

Additional players may be added during the season at the discretion of the committee.

No more than two county players may be registered to any team .

Transfer of players between teams to be at the discretion of the committee.


2.     Venues


All teams are to ensure that their venue has a suitable environment for playing darts .

A bristle dart board of good match play standard , the board to be sited 5ft 8inches from the floor at the centre of the bulls eye and an oche sited 7ft 91/4 inches from the face of the board .

An alternative measurement is 9ft 71/2 inches from the centre of the bull to the rear of the oche diagonally .

A good standard of lighting for the board and playing area .

A scoreboard either of blackboard and chalk or wipe board and marker , electric scoreboards may be used if both captains agree .

These rules should be displayed at the venue .




Matches to played on Tuesday evening .

Start time to be 8.30 unless agreed by both captains

Any player arriving after 9pm will not be allowed to play unless agreed by both captains before the match starts .

Teams shall be six players any other players may be used as substitutes throughout the game .

If any team has a player classed as a minor it the responsibility of the captain to contact venues to find out if there are restrictions on minors .

If any team fails to arrive for a match without first notifying the opposing captain and the Fixtures Secretary the match will be awarded to the opposing team .

If both teams fail to arrive for a match without notifying the Fixtures Secretary of an agreed postponement the match will be declared void and no points awarded .


              4.Match Format


              Singles x 6 – 301 double start , double out shot , best of  three legs

              Pairs  x 3 – 501 straight start , double out shot , one leg

              Triples x 2 – 701 straight start , double out shot , one leg

              Bulls eye to count as  double 25 for start and out shot


             Players to throw “nearest the bull “ for first throw.


             11 games , each game to count as one point on score card

              3 league points awarded to winning team .


Games to played in the above order unless agreed by both captains to change the order of play .


            Home team to supply scorer / referee

            Captains to list players alternately with home captain listing first in first leg.

            Both captains to sign the scorecard and winning captain to send the result to the Fixtures 

            Secretary via the captains / results Whats App page as soon as possible after the game .


If a team  only has five players the format is , lose one single , play two pairs and the third                      pair to be one player against two missing the throw of the absent player , play one triple and the second triple to be three against two missing the throw of the absent player .


If a team has only four players the format is play four singles lose two , play two pairs lose one ,

play one triple lose one.



          5.Promotion / Relegation


If more than one division the teams finishing bottom and second bottom of their division shall be relegated by one division .

If more than one division the teams finishing first and second in a lower division shall be promoted the the next highest division .

This rule is subject to variation in the case of teams leaving the league .


6.Competitions .


Singles , pairs and cup competitions organised by the league are open to registered players only.

In the pairs competition both players must represent the same team .

Entry fees for competitions will be decided by the AGM , entry fees will be non refundable .

Venues for cometitions will be agreed at the AGM .


            7.Trophies .


The league will award perpetual trophies to be displayed at venues and personal trophies

to divisional winners and runners up , cup competition winners and runners up , competition winners and runners up .

Any loss or damage to a perpetual trophy whilst in the possession of a team will be charged by the committee.


                                      SUMMER LEAGUE RULES


Summer league registration will take place at the AGM with a fee as agreed by the committee.


The rules for the summer league are the same as the winter league with the following exceptions.


          1. Player registration .


Registration of players for summer league is not required , all that is asked is that all players used are regular customers at the venue they represent .


          2.Trophies .


Only individual player trophies will be awarded to divisional winners and runners up.

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